DFG 1924 - Official Linea profumi | SPEZIERIA OFFICINALE
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Spezieria Officinale

The Spezieria Officinale line was the first line created by DFG1924.

It came from some of the historical formulae developed in the ancient laboratory of the pharmacy and contains 12 fragrances that embrace the 5 main fragrance families.

Bouquets that have become classics. Evergreens that can meet the needs of those who want to wear a very exclusive fragrance…


A world of Mediterranean notes where the light of the sun,flooding bergamots, oranges, mandarins and verbenas,becomes Perfume.


Roses, jasmine, osmanthus and lily of the valley,
through endless chords, give rise to a unique melody … the Perfume.


Go through a wood, never satiated with dew,
where the ferns married mosses and barks and the light filters, as a sharp blade, from a hidden sky.


White scented waters that generated Venus and lands, trampled by the Goddess, which gave her back Love, with warm, talcum notes.


A door on the great emptiness of the Orient desert… magically, of incredible beauty, gardens sprout, made of sounds and scents of sandalwood, amber and vanilla.