DFG 1924 - Official Linea profumi | Cento Orizzonti
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Cento Orizzonti

Cento Orizzonti  (50 ml/1.7 fl.oz.) – Eau de Parfum

Description: Enticing, sporty,  based on blend of woods, dry ambers, junipers berries and anise

Fragrance Family: WOODY AMBERY

Fragrance Pyramid
Top: bergamot
Middle: cardamom, wild anise
Base: dry woods, ambers

The Italian poet, Nobel for literature, Giosuè Carducci defined Asolo as the village of “Cento Orizzonti”, ”Hundred Horizons”:
the continuous overlapping of the hilly landscape that you can appreciate from the castle overlooking Asolo seems in fact to multiply the visible horizons.

The inspiration to create this perfume came walking through the hills around Asolo, on little streets and dirt roads, between various types of wood species, breathing the air with scents carried by the wind: woods and dry ambers are the main theme from which is released a subtly Mediterranean aromaticity, made of juniper berries and anise.

“Asolo: a walk in the hills, eyes closed to the dazzling beauty, in a breath of woods, barks and crackling leaves.”
A scent winking to elegant men and women; sober or sporty, this fragrance will be a perfect companion of “adventures” …