DFG 1924 - Official Linea profumi | la Sorgente delle Ninfee
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la Sorgente delle Ninfee

About This Project

La Sorgente di Ninfee (100 ml/3.4 fl.oz.) – Eau de Toilette

Fragrance family: FLORAL FRUITY

Description: fresh notes of flowers, fruits, spring water, stimulating and refreshing

Fragrance Pyramid:
Top: grapefruit, herbal notes
Middle: white flowers, tea, mango accord
Base: incense, moss, softwoods

A fount in the morning with splashes of suspended droplets as background, at the first light of sunrise, when water lilies rise out of the water, open  and float on the surface and bloom in all their glory, inebriating the air with their fragrance: a Beauty now enclosed in a bottle, which explodes at each spray.

Acque Odorose