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DFG azienda specializzata nella realizzazione di profumi di alto prestigio
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Asolo is a charming village nestled in the green hills of the Province of Treviso between the Pre-Alps foothills and the picturesque region of the medieval territory once known as the “Marca Trevigiana”. Asolo, with its enchanting stretches of olive trees, woods, rows of cypress trees and terraced vineyards, has been a world-famous holiday destination for centuries. It has hosted countless celebrities, queens, poets and writers, musicians and actresses.

The atmosphere has always been aristocratic and regal. DFG1924 wanted to dedicate the two perfumes of this new line to the splendour and majesty of Asolo. A tribute to the village and its surrounding areas – the birthplace of DFG1924 and the place where it took its first baby steps over 90 years ago. Loyal to its majestic aura, the perfumes in this line are sophisticated and intense


One of the most important presence living in Asolo was Freya Stark, she was one of the first British female explorer of the Middle East, cartographer and essayist.

From early childhood, she lived in the house that later become famous as Villa Freya.

Its garden faces on a beautiful view overlooking the valley, offering a graceful scenery. We dedicated the first perfume of  “Asolo Perfumes” line to this garden


The Italian poet, Nobel for literature, Giosuè Carducci defined Asolo as the village of “Cento Orizzonti”, “Hundred Horizons”: the continuous overlapping of the hilly landscape that you can appreciate from the castle overlooking Asolo seems in fact to multiply the visible horizons.

The inspiration to create this perfume came walking through the hills around Asolo